Hey, Hi, Hello


Hey, I'm Emily, aka Ily.

I'm inspired by nature, colors, textures, flavors. I am happiest when my mind is swirling away on an idea and I have a whiteboard to map it out on. I thrive in ever-changing environments, being on set and in the field.

My work has taken me across the country and back again—I've seen and worked from 35 states (ask me about my favorite airports). I am a proven digital content creator and strategist who has developed creative programs and strategies for dozens of household brand names. I believe in the power of storytelling for brands and how each employee contributes to it.

Though I've worked with retail, CPG, travel and food brands, my home and heart sits in the automotive industry. Vehicles and transportation are an integral part of everyones lives, but the culture and community extends beyond getting from point a to point b — and that's what I love most.


I love the intersection of analog and digital experiences, the phygital world, if you will. The automotive industry fits squarely in this intersection where creators reach their audience via digital content and in person at shows and meet ups.

I'm passionate about the creator economy and how every individual has something to share. I've worked with influencers with followings of all sizes to create content, hold events and execute unique builds.  


If I'm not working (or sitting in an airport) you'll find me doing yoga, cooking, watching hockey or training my dog, Biggie, en Français.